Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you think Disney world is a good idea for vacation for 4-5 yr old kid with Autism ?

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme I think, with the right strategies in place, anything is a good idea! Don't let Autism
stop these experiences :-)

elle Vogue ‏@ellevogueandme @tartan_nik what are those right strategies ?

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme that depends on each individual. Communication - explaining in terms they understand (symbols, makaton, timeline?) Sensory..

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme sensory - going when it quieter, getting queue jump passes. Trying to stick to key times - mealtimes, bedtime.

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme prior to the activity researching facilities they have, speaking to child/adult introducing Disney. What do they expect?

Uniting Autism ‏@UnitingAutism @ellevogueandme It depends on youre child. Its hard to say a kid with autism because everyone is so
different. I would bring extra help

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme yes! DW very ASD friendly. Tell them ur child has autism &they give u a pass=2a fast pass
so u dont have 2 wait n lines
Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme

Lena ‏@hunnybunz75 @ellevogueandme How well does the child handle large crowds & loud noises? To be honest, we waited til
ours was much older.

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24 @ellevogueandme If you try it, and I am all about trying new things, you MUST get the fast pass to avoid wait in lines!!!