Monday, July 2, 2012

Any good ideas how to teach R he's gestures and emotions ? R has Autism and is non-verbal(Apraxia)

victoria Hannah ‏@vickylvzgorsty @ellevogueandme if u have a ipad there are sum great apps visual and sounds I use it with my son who is also autistic and non-verbal

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme I don't have experience in it personally,but I class I took suggested peer imitation&creating/looking 4 practice situations.

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme Like if u were teaching him to wave hello, you would purposely look 4 ppl to greet, wave each time, & have him do it too.

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme There are probably more exact techniques out there. I'd be interested to learn more. Let me know what you find! :)

Vijay Harsiyani ‏@Vijay_H @ellevogueandme have you tried the picture exchange system?

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme Do sign language. For emotions pictures of family members faces, close up., "i feel stamps/pad"

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme Get an ipad.There are great apps available for touch screen tap talking pictures for communication.A.Kids are tech savvy

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme look at company in SC, Super Duper has great fun packs and materials for autism and speech.

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24

Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you think Disney world is a good idea for vacation for 4-5 yr old kid with Autism ?

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme I think, with the right strategies in place, anything is a good idea! Don't let Autism
stop these experiences :-)

elle Vogue ‏@ellevogueandme @tartan_nik what are those right strategies ?

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme that depends on each individual. Communication - explaining in terms they understand (symbols, makaton, timeline?) Sensory..

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme sensory - going when it quieter, getting queue jump passes. Trying to stick to key times - mealtimes, bedtime.

Nik ‏@tartan_nik @ellevogueandme prior to the activity researching facilities they have, speaking to child/adult introducing Disney. What do they expect?

Uniting Autism ‏@UnitingAutism @ellevogueandme It depends on youre child. Its hard to say a kid with autism because everyone is so
different. I would bring extra help

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme yes! DW very ASD friendly. Tell them ur child has autism &they give u a pass=2a fast pass
so u dont have 2 wait n lines
Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme

Lena ‏@hunnybunz75 @ellevogueandme How well does the child handle large crowds & loud noises? To be honest, we waited til
ours was much older.

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24 @ellevogueandme If you try it, and I am all about trying new things, you MUST get the fast pass to avoid wait in lines!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

what are the places that you take your kids for outing, something they will enjoy ?

Karina ‏@KariC06 @ellevogueandme
R loves parks! He also likes the mall when its not crowded

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme parks, splash pads, pool, play lands (during less frequented times of the day), other #autism friends houses4 playdates

maz iknoun ‏@bettyboop19791 @ellevogueandme mine like the farm park. They all lie to touch & feed the animals. X

Christa Dowdy Law ‏@christalaw @ellevogueandme anywhere he can slide swing or climb!!

MaHa ‏@mahaomair @ellevogueandme beach parks

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what do you think is the greatest sensory toy to "must have" ?

 Nicole Stewart ‏@jerseygirl0611 @ellevogueandme my daughter loves her Bilibo. And trampoline too #sensorywonderland

Elle Vogue ‏@ellevogueandme
@jerseygirl0611 I just ordered Bilibo for R from Amazon , thanks for the response !

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme right now: trampoline, but I really want to get him a sensory swing &i think that would bump the tramp.out of 1st place :-)

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme I have a friend who got one from Ikea

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme they can go indoors, I have seen some that anchor to a doorway or on the ceiling

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24 @ellevogueandme Finger can squish it, move it around,follow premade patterns, learn colors, learn color mixing, be creative