Monday, July 2, 2012

Any good ideas how to teach R he's gestures and emotions ? R has Autism and is non-verbal(Apraxia)

victoria Hannah ‏@vickylvzgorsty @ellevogueandme if u have a ipad there are sum great apps visual and sounds I use it with my son who is also autistic and non-verbal

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme I don't have experience in it personally,but I class I took suggested peer imitation&creating/looking 4 practice situations.

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme Like if u were teaching him to wave hello, you would purposely look 4 ppl to greet, wave each time, & have him do it too.

Kari ‏@whoopsidaisy86 @ellevogueandme There are probably more exact techniques out there. I'd be interested to learn more. Let me know what you find! :)

Vijay Harsiyani ‏@Vijay_H @ellevogueandme have you tried the picture exchange system?

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme Do sign language. For emotions pictures of family members faces, close up., "i feel stamps/pad"

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme Get an ipad.There are great apps available for touch screen tap talking pictures for communication.A.Kids are tech savvy

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24
@ellevogueandme look at company in SC, Super Duper has great fun packs and materials for autism and speech.

Janice H. Rash ‏@Jrmom24

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