Thursday, May 31, 2012

what are the places that you take your kids for outing, something they will enjoy ?

Karina ‏@KariC06 @ellevogueandme
R loves parks! He also likes the mall when its not crowded

Leslie ‏@les24d @ellevogueandme parks, splash pads, pool, play lands (during less frequented times of the day), other #autism friends houses4 playdates

maz iknoun ‏@bettyboop19791 @ellevogueandme mine like the farm park. They all lie to touch & feed the animals. X

Christa Dowdy Law ‏@christalaw @ellevogueandme anywhere he can slide swing or climb!!

MaHa ‏@mahaomair @ellevogueandme beach parks

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